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Elena Meets the Author
Elena Meets Annabel Monaghan

Elena Meets Annabel Monaghan

Author of Nora Goes Off Script and Same Time Next Summer has Another Great Read - Summer Romance

In today’s episode I talk to Annabel Monaghan about her latest funny, romantic page-turner,Summer Romance, which came out in the US a few weeks ago and is available in the UK on July 4th. Summer Romance is already an instant USA Today and Washington Post bestseller. We discuss all sorts of topics from the profound - how people we loved and lost live inside us, or are ‘as close as your breath’ to why Monaghan hates dog parks so much. We touch on how much parenting is the right amount, what her ideal writing day looks like and how she promises she’ll only give us happy endings. It’s how she’s wired.

Summer Romance is about a woman named Ali Morris who lives in a suburb outside of Manhattan. She's a professional organizer, but her life is a mess. Her mother died two years ago. Her husband left her a year ago. Her pantry is a sight to behold. She hasn't worn hard pants, (i. e. pants with a zipper) in she can't remember how long. She has three kids who she's trying to hold it together for. She's stuck.

Then one day, Ali takes off her wedding ring. She puts on overalls, which kind of count as hard pants. And she goes to the dog park with her little dog. She meets a cute guy named Ethan. And as the title of Monaghan’s book suggests, things start looking up for Ali. I hope you enjoy the show.

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Elena Meets the Author
Elena meets the author.
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